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    Understand the basic situation of the Lion King network alarm manufacturers

    Shenzhen Lion King Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the video network alarm platform to provide partners and users with high-quality security monitoring products and industry solutions, and continuously improve the customer experience and create maximum value for customers. ISO9001 international certification enterprise National 3C compulsory certification enterprise Ministry of Public Security qualified products Shenzhen private high-tech development enterprise. The company has been awarded "China Top Ten National Security Brands", "Excellent Recommended Brand for Safe City Construction" for many years, and has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise. The company's products are widely used in the fields of finance, energy, justice, power, transportation, safe cities, safe campuses, intelligent communities, etc., and are used in major projects such as Shenzhen International Airport and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Metro. Integrity, cooperation, sunshine, gratitude, Avision people, as a world-class security company as its mission, to create the greatest value for customers and partners, determined to become a respected, outstanding global professional company and the leader in the security industry By. And cooperating with a number of local 110 alarms.
    Familiar with the business philosophy of the Lion King Network Alarm Factory

    We operate a business, and our factory will be a public factory; we have a big goal: to make China have no difficult business! Our steps to achieve the goal are: build China's most comprehensive corporate database-build China Business Information Expressway-build China Merchants Information Database-build China's largest management consulting service agency-build China's most authoritative business elite database- — Build China's largest business research and research institution — build China ’s most authoritative business credit intermediary service agency — build China ’s most authoritative corporate credit rating agency; such a goal is enough for us to work hard for decades! Our company will survive for more than 100 years. We will provide professional business services directly to millions of enterprises in China. We will provide high-quality training and information customization services directly to millions of business elites in China. We will provide services for China. Tens of millions of companies indirectly provide our free information service; our cause must constantly keep pace with the times and realize the ideals of those of us step by step! We will be listed on the capital market and become a truly public company; our staff must live a wealthy life by participating in our cause; our shareholders need to have money, status and time to enjoy by investing in this cause Freedom of life; companies receiving our services will make money, avoid risks, and grow because of our services! The social elites who receive our services will improve their capabilities and create more social value because of our services; Chinese consumers will therefore get more and higher quality products and services!
    Lion King analyzes the prospects of networked alarm products for agents to help agents evaluate risks and reduce risks
    What is a new investment project, what is a new project to get rich, what is a new project to make money, an industry to make money, how to make money, how to make money, the latest investment projects are our more topics! Maybe you say that the mobile phone and MP3 player industry, in fact, they have entered the era of low profits, in fact, we can think about it carefully in investment analysis! Eat, wear, live, travel, and safety are always the subject of people's consumption. The traditional industries of eating, wearing, living, and traveling are fiercely competitive, profit is transparent, and safe consumption has become the hotspot of the market economy's biggest growth. Taking money to buy safety (protecting personal safety and property safety) is the world's largest economic trend! Leaders of the Chinese New Territories National Government, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, etc., are building a harmonious society, a safe city, a safe family, and the government has provided a historic development opportunity for the security cause! The state stipulates that the installation of anti-theft windows is not allowed. One is to affect the city appearance, and the other is that there have been casualties caused by fire incidents, and there is nowhere to escape! 2: The state stipulates that entertainment places, Internet cafes, and public facilities must be compulsorily installed with surveillance and electronic anti-theft. The country is creating a harmonious, safe society, a safe city, and building a new countryside. This will cause a new revolution in electronic anti-theft, vehicle anti-theft, electronic police, electronic anti-theft, prevention and control. It is a new city, a new rural electronic police, and lifelong bodyguards. , Strong police with science and technology is the basic work of safe city construction! With the national policy and the climax of the construction of the security system, the business opportunities in the national security market are unlimited! What do rich people need most? What is needed is security, loss of security, money, career, status, love, power, etc. are all equal to zero. According to data from the past two years, sales of similar products have doubled, and national policies have introduced new policies to build harmony. Society, safety engineering, and new technology products have gradually expanded from industrial to civilian and commercial. This is a rapidly developing sunrise industry ...
    Analysis of security product market data
    Electronic anti-theft is a product that will never decline and is a rare "seller market". In 2004, the total expenditure of national security facilities reached 450 billion yuan. Earn money on anti-theft products, create a harmonious, safe society, a safe city, and make a fortune in justice. China is now mostly a small independent family. There is no sense of security in a traditional extended family. As long as a good security environment is available, it is the most willing to spend money. Chinese household anti-theft alarms, car anti-theft in the market, surveillance cameras, a vast market and huge profits. With the rapid development of China's economy, people have more money in their pockets, and safety has become one of the most troublesome things for ordinary people. Therefore, the distribution of anti-theft security wealth will enable you to obtain a greater return on profits than other industries. Those who want to achieve a career and want to become rich first, get rich quickly if they want to make a product, and invest in vision. To say: "New industry + high profit + government support" means wealth! Ordinary people start a good project to get rich. No experience is required. Just investing tens of thousands of yuan can be like a security and wealth creation team! Expert training, full marketing guidance. Everything has a headquarters for you! (Undertake various large-scale security projects) The four guarantees of the security and wealth creation team, truly protect the interests of agents!
    I. Prospects in a vast and expansive field-"Phoenix Network Special Report on Video Network Alarm"
    The rapid economic development and the wealth have increased exponentially. In today's society, almost everyone has the experience of being stolen. The government implements the Golden Shield project, builds a harmonious society, supports the rapid development of the security industry, and achieves your lifetime wealth. The traditional mechanical (anti-theft network, anti-theft window) home defense exposes some hidden dangers in actual use. As pointed out in the "Recommendations on Banning the Installation of Anti-theft Networks in Residential Districts" issued by the State Council, the problems caused by anti-theft networks will affect the aesthetics of buildings , The city is tidy; ⑵ affects the fire rescue channel; ⑶ to provide criminals with convenient conditions for crossing; ⑷ a long time there will be danger of falling objects at high altitude; ⑸ suppress human freedom. Electronic anti-theft devices have become environmental-friendly anti-theft products that replace anti-theft nets, anti-theft windows, and environmental protection. Therefore, as a new generation of smart home security anti-theft alarm system came into being at the historic moment, and it has been increasingly paid more attention to and used. In addition, in order to further standardize the intelligent construction of residential quarters, the Ministry of Construction has specially formulated a grade standard for intelligent quarters. According to its requirements, intelligent districts must have systems such as security prevention, information management, property management, and information networks. Therefore, the construction of community safety prevention systems has gradually been incorporated into the necessary projects for the construction of many communities. Taking Shenzhen as an example, almost all newly built residential buildings are pre-installed with anti-theft alarms, and the installation of anti-theft networks is prohibited. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanchang and other major cities are costly The anti-theft network is removed, and its anti-theft function must be completed by an electronic anti-theft alarm. Therefore, the home security burglar alarm system is bound to have great development.
    Second, the current network alarm market guarantee
    1.5 billion people, 400 million families, shopping malls, corporate offices, financial offices, hotels, factories, farms, schools, banks and other necessary security products, invite you to share the 100 billion market. Our products can be bundled with many industries.
    (1) With sellers of decorative materials
    (2) With decoration company
    (3) Individuals or stores and merchants who sell rolling shutters
    (4) Individuals or stores and businesses selling security doors
    (5) With the individual or store or manufacturer who made the security door or the rolling shutter
    (6) with the general contractor of the project, and the system integrator
    (7) With the plumbing and bathroom sales point or individual, with the building materials seller
    (8) With anti-theft alarm equipment sellers and auto and motorcycle repair sellers
    (9) With burglar iron fence manufacturer, burglar iron fence seller
    (10) Cooperate with manufacturers or sellers of security doors, with large-scale various stores along the street, with military department stores or police equipment sellers, and large electronic product distribution centers, electronic product markets, and IT market counters directly do their own electronic product distribution The display and sales counter is also a window to attract a large number of customers. Set up about 100 special franchised stores in the above industries, and you will have bosses with various social backgrounds in 100 industries to become your salesperson! What a social resource this is! Even if they sell you a set of products on average every day, even if you only make 50 yuan for a set of products, you will have an average profit of 5,000 yuan per day.
    Third, the strength of brand protection
    CCTV advertisements 1-7 sets, High-tech Fair, Canton Fair, Security Exhibition, Hong Kong Electronics Fair, famous foreign electronics exhibitions, various large-scale media advertisements, local advertisements, etc. Comprehensive publicity to build an international brand of a Sino-foreign joint venture. Internationalized brand management war, extending the content of anti-theft products from Lion King manufacturers
    Fourth, quality product guarantee
    1: Personal anti-theft, 2: ⎝⎛韦德足球⎞⎠, commercial anti-theft, 3 community network anti-theft, 4: video intercom, 5 video surveillance, 6 automotive anti-theft six series, more than 3,000 products, complete range, production of all product patch equipment (non- Artificial plug), quality advantages: anti-interference, anti-lightning, anti-aging, stable and durable, etc. All products are affixed with CCC anti-counterfeiting labels, brand laser anti-counterfeiting, exquisite packaging in Europe and America, quality first. In terms of monitoring engineering, we provide national level 2 construction qualification. The quality of all products of our company: one year warranty, three months replacement, no charge. The product technology references the latest technology from the United States and Japan. The quality of the product is the most cost-effective in the same industry.
    Introduction to the complete features of Lion King products
    1) Anti-theft: if there is an illegal burglar, report to the scene immediately and send an alarm signal to the outside
    2) Anti-theft: if a bad person enters the room and robs, an alarm signal can be sent immediately
    3) Help: Can be used for home elderly, children accidents and emergency calls for help
    4) Fire protection: timely detection of indoor smoke through smoke detectors and fire alarm
    5) Prevention of flammable gas poisoning: can detect the leakage of gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, etc.
    6) Fully automatic alarm: Once an alarm occurs, the host automatically dials the setting phone, such as alarming to the alarm center via a network, or issuing a voice alarm signal
    7) Remote monitoring: After the alarm call is connected, you can immediately monitor and determine the indoor scene movement so that action can be taken.
    8) Remote remote control: The host can arm or disarm the main unit in the home through a mobile phone or telephone at a remote distance.
    9) Start home appliances: The owner can start home appliances below 1000W from a mobile phone or phone at a long distance in a remote place. When an alarm occurs in the home, he can start home appliances below 1500W at the same time, which can scare the thief instantly. For example: start refrigerator, air conditioner, TV, etc.
    10) Monitoring and taking pictures: If someone enters the room to commit a crime, the host can also trigger a “monitoring camera recorder” wirelessly and automatically take pictures through the camera. The recorded image photos can provide accurate and reliable evidence for the police to detect cases.
    Leading products:
    1: Personal anti-theft, 2: ⎝⎛韦德足球⎞⎠, commercial anti-theft, 3 community network anti-theft, 4 video surveillance, four series
    The Internet of Things is a newly emerging industry with huge market capacity and amazing development "money" scene. It is the most cutting-edge project with investment value in the 21st century. In 1997, the Bill Gates mansion, which cost more than 100 million US dollars, was completed and attracted worldwide attention. However, it is not because of its luxury or its owner that really draws attention to this mansion, but because of the ubiquitous intelligent facilities in this mansion. This technology mansion showing the prediction of future life has opened the curtain of the global smart home industry for us.
    Bill Gates said: The world's richest man in the future will be born from the IoT smart home industry! In 2007, IPHONE was born. Once the smart phone was launched on the market, it set off a storm with the trend of destruction. The once magnificent mobile phone giant Nokia was eliminated because it couldn't follow the trend and went to a corner forgotten by the world! Not only that, the emergence of smart phones has also rapidly promoted the development of smart mobile terminals, which has also created conditions for the popularization of wireless smart home systems. With the rapid rise of the Internet of Things sensing technology, the smart home industry has ushered in a real explosive increase.
    In November 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao delivered an important speech entitled "Let Science and Technology Lead China's Sustainable Development" at the Capital Science and Technology Conference, clearly stating that the rapid development of the electronics industry has driven the rise of a number of high-tech industries and promoted the traditional industries With the upgrading, major changes have taken place in the industrial structure of the world, and the era of globalization, informatization, and knowledge networking has gradually come. The information network industry is an important driver of world economic recovery. The global Internet is being upgraded to the next generation, and sensor networks and the Internet of Things are in the ascendant. We must strive to break through the key technologies of sensor networks and the Internet of Things and develop related technologies in the IP era after early deployment, so that the information network industry becomes the engine that promotes industrial upgrading and moves towards the information society!
    The national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” is promulgated. The strategic emerging industries represented by the Internet of Things will become one of the seven strategic industries that China vigorously supports and develops. The country will invest 4 trillion in the next ten years to vigorously develop the Internet of Things. , Smart buildings, smart offices, smart homes, RFID and other industries will be key areas for future development. As an integral part of the Internet of Things industry, smart homes have become the most turbulent wave of the Internet of Things because of their closeness to real life.
    The inclination of national policy will inevitably lead to the prosperity of the industry. At the "Second International Intelligent, Green Building and Building Energy Conservation Conference and New Technology and Product Expo" held on March 28, 2006, the person in charge of the Ministry of Construction stated clearly that environmental protection, Intelligence will become the theme of domestic residential construction in the future. At present, the real estate industry in the country is booming. The intelligentization of residential quarters has become a basic requirement. Coupled with smart homes, the concept of "fully intelligent" will inevitably bring new selling points and vitality to the real estate industry. Therefore, "fully intelligent" is twenty Theme pushed by real estate developers in the first century. China has a population of 1.2 billion and 400 million households, and the newly built residential area reaches 2 billion square meters each year. The huge home intelligent decoration and modification market provides investors with considerable profit margins. In the plan issued by the Ministry of Construction in 2011, it is also stated that more than 60% of new houses in the future will have certain "smart home" functions. The industry scale of smart homes during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period will reach 100 billion yuan. Research institutions predict that within ten years, smart homes will become a trillion-dollar industry, larger than the Internet.
    Product feasibility analysis:

    (1) Large market capacity. Even a county-level city has a large market. For example: dozens of wholesale departments in a county, thousands of commercial outlets, factories, shops, institutions, restaurants, garages, and so on. Not to mention prefecture-level cities and provincial capital cities? These places are mostly anti-theft roller shutters at night. The owner sleeps at home, but his heart is in the store. Now with our products, the owner can sit back and relax! Because even if the store is patronized by the thief, the owner can immediately receive an automatic call from the system to notify the owner! And the owner can immediately see the situation in the store through the device. Imagine: On a quiet night, a huge 120-dB sound like an air defense siren sounded, and are there still so bold thieves to pry the door and try to commit crimes?
    (2) Low entry threshold. It only takes a few thousand yuan to become a dealer, and you can easily get started, and if you invest tens of thousands of yuan, it will become the exclusive exclusive agent of Anweixin (passing the qualification examination) and enjoy the exclusive regional protection rights.
    (3) The investment risk is small. The excellent performance of the product is the key to occupying the market and conquering customers. All 32 security indicators of our products have passed the inspection of the Ministry of Public Security. It is the only manufacturer in China's security product industry that has passed all 32 indicators to pass the security inspection. Manufacturers that have passed compulsory CCC certification.
    (4) Low cost advantage. Lion King Technology's business model: strict management of Japanese-style enterprises, rigorous style of high-quality services, and high efficiency of Shenzhen enterprises in a thousand miles. Lion King will rely on international advanced technology and digitally controlled mechanical processing efficiency. Resources, fully in line with international standards, more professionally provide domestic and foreign customers with bulk OEM, ODM processing services, and strive to build the first brand of China's security industry.
    Cooperation methods of joining Lion King Network Alarm Factory :
    1. Undertake large intelligent community projects
    To undertake the construction of smart projects such as smart communities, government agencies, large-scale projects, etc. Welcome to negotiate.
    2. Accept OEM and ODM cooperation
    For enterprises intending to participate in the smart home industry, the company can carry out OEM and ODM cooperation, and provide technical support and even open agreements when the amount of products is reached.
    3. Accept customized products and services
    A single product meets the quantity requirements and can be deeply customized according to customer requirements.
    4.Recruit agents
    With the development of smart mobile terminals and the Internet of Things technology, networked alarm systems have been recognized and accepted by consumers, and product costs have been significantly reduced. The next two years will enter the blowout period of the intelligent video networked alarm market! Many large and medium-sized cities in China have entered ordinary people's families, and more and more individual users are calling to consult. In order to ensure that the production and development and service of the majority of users are not affected, the company has decided to open to the blank areas of the country since April 2013 Development of agent dealers.
    5, our product quality assurance
    (1) Product design
    Based on the theory that "exquisite products are designed", we paid close attention to product design at the early stage of product design, and formulated a comprehensive new product development process plan and old product upgrade and transformation process plan. Each product has detailed R & D and Production process documents, grasp the design from the process, ensure the quality from the documents, and ensure that each product is a quality product from the design source.

    (2) Supplier selection
    Always keep in mind the warning that "A Thousand Mile Embankment Collapses in an Ant Nest", in terms of raw material supplier selection, we have formulated a comprehensive set of supplier selection plans:

    1. See if the supplier's products have passed ISO9000, 3C and other quality certification systems.
    2. Whether it is a high-quality, well-known brand in the same industry.

    3. Whether to use a complete quality control process system to control product quality.

    4. Whether there is a good record of integrity.
    (3) Product processing, testing and assembly
    Cooperate with high-quality and heavy-quality processing plants to control the one-time good product pass rate of processing motherboards from the source to more than 95%, attach importance to the training of testers, use strict test process files and meticulous testing machine work processes from the source Put an end to bad machines.

    (4) Product aging and quality inspection
    Each product undergoes a strict 24-hour high-temperature aging test, and multiple levels of quality personnel carry out spot checks to ensure the perfect quality of the product when it leaves the factory.
    6. Factory operation and management staffing
    The highest authority of the manufacturer is the company's shareholders meeting. The shareholders meeting entrusts the board of directors to manage the company's assets. The shareholders meeting entrusts the board of supervisors to supervise the company's senior management. The board of directors appoints the general manager. Appointed, the general manager reports to the board of directors and the shareholders meeting once a year. The board of directors has the right to request the general manager to report at any time. The board of supervisors can check any department of the company including the financial and factory files at any time. And inquiries, it is not necessary to inform the board of directors or to request the shareholders' general meeting, but afterwards, the reasons and results must be explained to the board of directors and reported to the shareholders' general meeting at the annual shareholders' general meeting. The board of supervisors has the right to raise violations of the general managers and senior managers. The punishment proposal is approved by the board of directors and punished by the board of directors. The board of supervisors may at any time request the senior managers below the general manager to accept inspections and inquiries. The board of supervisors has the right to supervise the senior managers in the departments below the general manager. Made-compliance penalties suggested by the General Manager agreed by the General Manager punishment;
    Management of Lion King Network Alarm Factory :
    One general manager. Fully manage the daily work of the manufacturer, and the working relationship is responsible to the board of directors;
    One business manager. Manage the specific work of the business department, lead the staff of the business department to develop the market, market the company's various businesses, complete the sales tasks assigned by the general manager, set up a number of employees, and the working relationship is responsible to the general manager;
    One manager of China Merchants Department. Manage the specific work of the investment promotion department, lead the employees of the investment promotion department to recruit regional operators, contact business cooperation agencies, and provide training for other employees of the company on cooperative business. There are several employees, and the working relationship is responsible to the general manager;
    One technical manager. Manage the specific work of the technical department, lead the technical department staff to complete the technical development and maintenance work arranged by the general manager, and cooperate with other departments to provide technical support and training. There are several employees, and the working relationship is responsible to the general manager;
    One customer service manager. Manage the specific work of the customer service department, lead the customer service department employees to make full use of the company's resources to do the pre-sales and after-sales service of the company's regional operators and customers. There are a number of employees, and the working relationship is responsible to the general manager;
    Finance manager. Manage all the financial work of the company, lead the staff to do the company's financial budget, financial revenue and expenditure and other related work, be responsible for the establishment of strategic cooperative relations with the financial system, set up a number of employees, the working relationship is responsible to the general manager;
    A manager of the administrative department. Manage the company's specific work in administration, office and personnel, with several employees, and the working relationship is responsible to the general manager;
    One planning manager. It will be established in the second year of the establishment of the factory. It is responsible for the capital operation of the factory and the planning of new projects. The work requires reasonable and feasible planning in accordance with the company's development progress. It has several employees and the working relationship is responsible to the general manager.
    Low joining agent conditions
    The setting of the lion king network alarm on the operator's franchise conditions is relatively low compared to other network alarm companies, because any willingness to join the lion king network alarm manufacturers will become the key support object of the lion king manufacturers, and fully assist with Support the initial development difficulties of agents; for the joining conditions of agents, we only need the other party to have a certain customer group or resources in government agencies and key industries, which can quickly open the local market and increase market share and distribution rate.
    The biggest advantage of joining the Lion King Network Alarm Factory as an agent:
    The purchase of "Lion King" products can obtain local agency rights without additional agency costs, and at the same time can enjoy "Lion King" supporting promotional materials and market operation plans.
    Take the exclusive authorization method in the area of your agency. The authorized agency has the right to sell and operate our products in the local market.
    Unified "Lion King" branding operation and advertising design.
    Perfect after-sales service support, equivalent exchange, and transfer policy.
    Provide door-to-door tracking service. The relevant personnel of this manufacturer will come to your door to listen to your opinions and suggestions randomly, exchange, summarize and promote successful experiences, and make suggestions for your operation and development.
    Join cooperation application is familiar with the cooperation process:

    Please click to download the joining application form for free: Application form download link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTqyedL Password: yn3k
    Lion King Network Alarm Manufacturer Contact:
    Lion King International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Lion King Technology Co., Ltd.
    Address: West, 6th Floor, Building A7, Tianrui Industrial Park, Fuyuan 1st Road, Fuyong, Baoan District, Shenzhen
    Phone: (0755) 32817110 Fax: (0755) 86299658
    Joining consultation: Zhong Bo 13360504979 Xu Shandong: 18664384546 Zhou Jing: 15019254947 Tang Chaojun: 13925229123

    E-mail: sales@hklionking.com
    National Free Join Consultation Phone: 400-0506-110

    If you want to join cooperation, please leave a message, so that we can contact you

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